Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coyotes in Trenton

not a Trenton coyote, but looks the same :)
Driving home from the Metro a few days ago I saw a coyote on Dundas. At least I thought it was a coyote, by process of elimination (wolf? In Trenton - nah!, not red nor long-eared like a fox, definitely not a dog of any kind - look at the bushiness of its tail...).

Today I read in the local paper that there have been coyote sightings around the area I saw my guy. It is thought that there may be coyote dens in Hanna Park and on Mount Pelion because they are wooded locales. People are even feeding them!!!

Coyotes are dangerous! Don't feed them! And for goodness sakes, don't approach them! (Here, coyote, c'mon, boy....)

We are asked to report any sightings, but that will lead to them being killed by the gun-wielding powers-that-be as well as, no doubt, the gun-wielding lunatics-that-be. So, I'm not phoning mine in.

I wish we all could live in harmony! Sigh.

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